A restaurant just behind our apartment :The Egg and I

Try another breakfast this morning!!!

Nous avons choisi un menu Healthier Side  :

avec pour Christophe un jus à base de carotte, gingembre, pomme Fidji, orange et citron vert.

et pour moi, un jus à base de Kale(choux), concombre, pomme Fidji et citron vert.

Sans oublier les glaçons!!!


Pour le plat de Christophe, l’omelette :


An open-faced omelette with green peppers, fresh spinach, house-roasted crimini mushrooms, tomatoes and onions topped with Jack and Cheddar. Served with dressed greens and an English muffin.

Et pour moi, l’omelette:


An open-faced egg-white omelette filled with all-natural white meat chicken, house-roasted tomatoes, mozzarella and Parmesan. Served with dressed greens and an English muffin.


 Nutritional calculator for Christophe:


    • Calories667
    • Calories from Fat355
    %Daily Value*
    • Total Fat39g / 60.50%
    • Saturated Fat14g / 70%
    • Trans Fat0g
    • Cholesterol840mg / 280%
    • Sodium960mg / 39.20%
    • Total Carbohydrates32g / 9.30%
    • Dietary Fiber3g / 13%
    • Sugars3g
    • Protein40g
    • Vitamin A148%
    • Vitamin C175%
    • Calcium57%
    • Iron45%


    And for me:


      • Calories533
      • Calories from Fat207
      %Daily Value*
      • Total Fat22mg / 34.50%
      • Saturated Fat8g / 40%
      • Trans Fat0g
      • Cholesterol45mg / 15%
      • Sodium1518mg / 63.20%
      • Total Carbohydrates31g / 9.30%
      • Dietary Fiber3g / 12%
      • Sugars3g
      • Protein44g
      • Vitamin A117%
      • Vitamin C67%
      • Calcium66%
      • Iron28%

      « The early bird gets the… bacon.

      Start your morning off right with our delicious breakfast »

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